Frank Ball


Affiliation: University of Nottingham
Country: UK


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    Ball F, Lyne O. Optimal vaccination schemes for epidemics among a population of households, with application to variola minor in Brazil. Stat Methods Med Res. 2006;15:481-97 pubmed
    ..The theory is illustrated by application to data on a variola minor outbreak in São Paulo, which, together with other examples, is used to highlight key issues related to vaccination schemes. ..
  2. Ball F, Shaw L. Estimating the within-household infection rate in emerging SIR epidemics among a community of households. J Math Biol. 2015;71:1705-35 pubmed publisher
  3. Ball F, Knock E, O Neill P. Stochastic epidemic models featuring contact tracing with delays. Math Biosci. 2015;266:23-35 pubmed publisher
  4. Ball F, Britton T, House T, Isham V, Mollison D, Pellis L, et al. Seven challenges for metapopulation models of epidemics, including households models. Epidemics. 2015;10:63-7 pubmed publisher
  5. Ball F, Sirl D, Trapman P. Analysis of a stochastic SIR epidemic on a random network incorporating household structure. Math Biosci. 2010;224:53-73 pubmed publisher
    ..The effects of the amount of clustering present in the overall population structure and the infectious period distribution on the outcomes of the model are also explored. ..
  6. Ball F, Britton T, Sirl D. A network with tunable clustering, degree correlation and degree distribution, and an epidemic thereon. J Math Biol. 2013;66:979-1019 pubmed publisher