Giuliano Siligardi


Country: UK


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  3. Veraldi N, Hughes A, Rudd T, Thomas H, Edwards S, Hadfield L, et al. Heparin derivatives for the targeting of multiple activities in the inflammatory response. Carbohydr Polym. 2015;117:400-7 pubmed publisher
    ..It is therefore feasible in principle to modulate several activities, while minimising anticoagulant side effects, providing a platform from which improved anti-inflammatory agents might be developed. ..
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    ..Finally, we applied MCD in ligand interaction to key proteins such as lysozyme, comparing the human with the hen enzyme in the binding of N,N',N''-triacetylchitotriose. ..
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    ..These results suggested that trehalose could be associated with other drugs leading to a new approach for treating Parkinson's and other brain-related diseases. ..