Michelle T Ma


Affiliation: King's College London
Country: UK


  1. Tsionou M, Knapp C, Foley C, Munteanu C, Cakebread A, Imberti C, et al. Comparison of macrocyclic and acyclic chelators for gallium-68 radiolabelling. RSC Adv. 2017;7:49586-49599 pubmed publisher
  2. Ma M, Meszaros L, Paterson B, Berry D, Cooper M, Ma Y, et al. Tripodal tris(hydroxypyridinone) ligands for immunoconjugate PET imaging with (89)Zr(4+): comparison with desferrioxamine-B. Dalton Trans. 2015;44:4884-900 pubmed publisher
    ..The significantly lower in vivo stability is likely to be a result of lower kinetic stability of the Zr(4+) tris(hydroxypyridinone complex) relative to that of DFO and its derivatives. ..
  3. Ma M, Cullinane C, Waldeck K, Roselt P, Hicks R, Blower P. Rapid kit-based (68)Ga-labelling and PET imaging with THP-Tyr(3)-octreotate: a preliminary comparison with DOTA-Tyr(3)-octreotate. EJNMMI Res. 2015;5:52 pubmed publisher
  4. Cusnir R, Imberti C, Hider R, Blower P, Ma M. Hydroxypyridinone Chelators: From Iron Scavenging to Radiopharmaceuticals for PET Imaging with Gallium-68. Int J Mol Sci. 2017;18: pubmed publisher
    ..sup>68Ga-labelled THP-peptides accumulate at target tissue in vivo, and are excreted largely via a renal pathway, providing high quality PET images. ..