Caroline J Formstone


Affiliation: King's College London
Country: UK


  1. Paudyal A, Damrau C, Patterson V, Ermakov A, Formstone C, Lalanne Z, et al. The novel mouse mutant, chuzhoi, has disruption of Ptk7 protein and exhibits defects in neural tube, heart and lung development and abnormal planar cell polarity in the ear. BMC Dev Biol. 2010;10:87 pubmed publisher
    ..This mutant provides a useful tool to allow future studies aimed at understanding the molecular function of Ptk7. ..
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    Formstone C, Little P. The flamingo-related mouse Celsr family (Celsr1-3) genes exhibit distinct patterns of expression during embryonic development. Mech Dev. 2001;109:91-4 pubmed
    ..Celsr1 and Celsr2 expression is observed during gastrulation and within the developing nervous system. Celsr3 transcripts, however, are found only at sites of active neurogenesis. ..
  3. Formstone C, Moxon C, Murdoch J, Little P, Mason I. Basal enrichment within neuroepithelia suggests novel function(s) for Celsr1 protein. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2010;44:210-22 pubmed publisher
    ..Together, these data raise compelling new questions concerning the role of Celsr1 during neural development. ..
  4. Panousopoulou E, Hobbs C, Mason I, Green J, Formstone C. Epiboly generates the epidermal basal monolayer and spreads the nascent mammalian skin to enclose the embryonic body. J Cell Sci. 2016;129:1915-27 pubmed publisher
    ..We observe a failure of ventral enclosure in Crash mutants suggesting that defective epidermal spreading might underlie some ventral wall birth defects. ..