Eirini Kaiserli


Country: UK


  1. Perrella G, Davidson M, O Donnell L, Nastase A, Herzyk P, Breton G, et al. ZINC-FINGER interactions mediate transcriptional regulation of hypocotyl growth in Arabidopsis. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018;115:E4503-E4511 pubmed publisher
  2. Kaiserli E, Perrella G, Davidson M. Light and temperature shape nuclear architecture and gene expression. Curr Opin Plant Biol. 2018;45:103-111 pubmed publisher
  3. Kaiserli E, Páldi K, O Donnell L, Batalov O, Pedmale U, Nusinow D, et al. Integration of Light and Photoperiodic Signaling in Transcriptional Nuclear Foci. Dev Cell. 2015;35:311-21 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings signify a unique transcriptional regulatory role to the highly enigmatic plant nuclear photobodies, where TZP directly activates FT gene expression and promotes flowering. ..
  4. Kaiserli E. Ultraviolet Rays Light Up Transcriptional Networks Regulating Plant Growth. Dev Cell. 2018;44:409-411 pubmed publisher
    ..In the current issue of Developmental Cell, Liang et al. (2018) uncover how the UV-B photoreceptor UVR8 mediates inhibition of plant growth via direct interactions with key transcriptional regulators of brassinosteroid signaling. ..