Clare M Isacke


Affiliation: Institute of Cancer Research
Country: UK


  1. Viski C, König C, Kijewska M, Mogler C, Isacke C, Augustin H. Endosialin-Expressing Pericytes Promote Metastatic Dissemination. Cancer Res. 2016;76:5313-25 pubmed publisher
    ..Cancer Res; 76(18); 5313-25. ©2016 AACR. ..
  2. Kijewska M, Viski C, Turrell F, Fitzpatrick A, van Weverwijk A, Gao Q, et al. Using an in-vivo syngeneic spontaneous metastasis model identifies ID2 as a promoter of breast cancer colonisation in the brain. Breast Cancer Res. 2019;21:4 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, elevated ID2 expression identifies breast cancer patients at increased risk of developing metastatic relapse in the brain. ..
  3. Ashenden M, van Weverwijk A, Murugaesu N, Fearns A, Campbell J, Gao Q, et al. An In Vivo Functional Screen Identifies JNK Signaling As a Modulator of Chemotherapeutic Response in Breast Cancer. Mol Cancer Ther. 2017;16:1967-1978 pubmed publisher
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