Stephen J Gaunt


Affiliation: Institute for Animal Health
Country: UK


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    Gaunt S, Drage D, Cockley A. Vertebrate caudal gene expression gradients investigated by use of chick cdx-A/lacZ and mouse cdx-1/lacZ reporters in transgenic mouse embryos: evidence for an intron enhancer. Mech Dev. 2003;120:573-86 pubmed
    ..These motifs are structurally conserved in mouse cdx-1. ..
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    Gaunt S, Dean W, Sang H, Burton R. Evidence that Hoxa expression domains are evolutionarily transposed in spinal ganglia, and are established by forward spreading in paraxial mesoderm. Mech Dev. 1999;82:109-18 pubmed
    ..We discuss this as evidence that Hox expression in paraxial mesoderm spreads forward, as earlier found for neurectoderm and lateral plate mesoderm, in a process that occurs independently of cell movement. ..
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    Gaunt S. Gradients and forward spreading of vertebrate Hox gene expression detected by using a Hox/lacZ transgene. Dev Dyn. 2001;221:26-36 pubmed
    ..Binding motifs for the caudal (cdx) proteins, already proposed as such inducers, are conserved in mouse and chick Hoxa-7 enhancer elements. ..
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    Gaunt S, Cockley A, Drage D. Additional enhancer copies, with intact cdx binding sites, anteriorize Hoxa-7/lacZ expression in mouse embryos: evidence in keeping with an instructional cdx gradient. Int J Dev Biol. 2004;48:613-22 pubmed
    ..We discuss how these findings are in keeping with a model where Hox expression boundaries become set along instructional cdx gradients, formed by cdx decay in cells moving away from the primitive streak region. ..
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    Gaunt S, Drage D, Trubshaw R. cdx4/lacZ and cdx2/lacZ protein gradients formed by decay during gastrulation in the mouse. Int J Dev Biol. 2005;49:901-8 pubmed
    ..An enhancer element located in the first intron of the cdx4 gene is essential for correct transgene expression. ..
  6. Gaunt S, Drage D, Trubshaw R. Increased Cdx protein dose effects upon axial patterning in transgenic lines of mice. Development. 2008;135:2511-20 pubmed publisher
    ..OE mice display additional defects: forelimb deficiencies in OE1, multiple tail axes, vertebral mis-alignments and axial truncations in OE2. ..
  7. Gaunt S, Paul Y. Origins of Cdx1 regulatory elements suggest roles in vertebrate evolution. Int J Dev Biol. 2011;55:93-8 pubmed publisher
    ..We present evidence that Cdx1 is also a developmental regulator of the female urogenital system, and we suggest that acquisition of the upstream RARE may have contributed to morphological divergence of marsupial and eutherian mammals. ..