Dominic M Dwyer


Affiliation: Cardiff University
Country: UK


  1. Dwyer D, Iordanova M. The amygdala and flavour preference conditioning: Crossed lesions and inactivation. Physiol Behav. 2010;101:403-12 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that the amygdala plays a role in the learning, but not expression, of flavour preferences and that this role is partially dependent on interactions with the nucleus accumbens. ..
  2. Dwyer D, Pincham H, Thein T, Harris J. A learned flavor preference persists despite the extinction of conditioned hedonic reactions to the cue flavors. Learn Behav. 2009;37:305-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, changes in the hedonic response to the conditioned flavors cannot explain the resistance to the extinction of learned flavor preferences. ..
  3. Dwyer D, Burgess K, Honey R. Avoidance but not aversion following sensory preconditioning with flavors: a challenge to stimulus substitution. J Exp Psychol Anim Behav Process. 2012;38:359-68 pubmed publisher
  4. Dwyer D. Associations and hallucinations in mice and men. Learn Behav. 2018;46:223-224 pubmed publisher
    ..Considered alongside similar studies in animals, this suggests that associatively produced perceptual processing offers a means to study hallucination-like behaviour in the animal laboratory. ..