David Bryant


Country: UK


  1. Bryant D, Johnson A. Meeting report - Intercellular interactions in context: towards a mechanistic understanding of cells in organs. J Cell Sci. 2017;130:2083-2085 pubmed publisher
  2. Román Fernández Á, Roignot J, Sandilands E, Nacke M, Mansour M, McGarry L, et al. The phospholipid PI(3,4)P2 is an apical identity determinant. Nat Commun. 2018;9:5041 pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that PI(3,4)P2 is a determinant of apical membrane identity. ..
  3. Overeem A, Bryant D, Van IJzendoorn S. Mechanisms of apical-basal axis orientation and epithelial lumen positioning. Trends Cell Biol. 2015;25:476-85 pubmed publisher
    ..We provide an overview of the molecular mechanisms required to construct and orient the apical lumen. ..
  4. Datta A, Sandilands E, Mostov K, Bryant D. Fibroblast-derived HGF drives acinar lung cancer cell polarization through integrin-dependent RhoA-ROCK1 inhibition. Cell Signal. 2017;40:91-98 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, stromal derived signals can influence morphogenesis in epithelial cells by controlling activation and localization of cell polarity pathways. ..