Anita Balakrishnan


Country: UK


  1. Balakrishnan A, Stearns A, Ashley S, Rhoads D, Tavakkolizadeh A. PER1 modulates SGLT1 transcription in vitro independent of E-box status. Dig Dis Sci. 2012;57:1525-36 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding the regulation of rhythmicity of SGLT1 may lead to new treatments for the modulation of SGLT1 expression in conditions such as malabsorption, diabetes, and obesity. ..
  2. Balakrishnan A, Stearns A, Ashley S, Tavakkolizadeh A, Rhoads D. Restricted feeding phase shifts clock gene and sodium glucose cotransporter 1 (SGLT1) expression in rats. J Nutr. 2010;140:908-14 pubmed publisher
    ..Understanding the regulatory cues governing rhythms in intestinal function may allow new therapeutic options for conditions of dysregulated absorption such as diabetes and obesity. ..
  3. Balakrishnan A, Stearns A, Park P, Dreyfuss J, Ashley S, Rhoads D, et al. MicroRNA mir-16 is anti-proliferative in enterocytes and exhibits diurnal rhythmicity in intestinal crypts. Exp Cell Res. 2010;316:3512-21 pubmed publisher
    ..The regulatory mechanisms behind these rhythms remain largely unknown. We hypothesized that microRNAs are involved in mediating these rhythms, and studied the role of microRNAs specifically in modulating intestinal proliferation...
  4. Balakrishnan A, Stearns A, Park P, Dreyfuss J, Ashley S, Rhoads D, et al. Upregulation of proapoptotic microRNA mir-125a after massive small bowel resection in rats. Ann Surg. 2012;255:747-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Our data highlight a potential role for microRNAs as mediators of the adaptive process and may facilitate the development of new therapeutic options for short bowel syndrome. ..