Suleyman Men


Affiliation: Dokuz Eylul University
Country: Turkey


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    Men S, Ozturk H, Hekimoglu B, Sekerci Z. Traumatic carotid-cavernous fistula treated by combined transarterial and transvenous coil embolization and associated cavernous internal carotid artery dissection treated with stent placement. Case report. J Neurosurg. 2003;99:584-6 pubmed
    ..There was no recurrence of the fistula and the postoperative wide patency of the carotid artery indicates that stent placement is an effective method of treating traumatic intracranial artery dissections. ..
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    Men S, Akhan O, Koroglu M. Percutaneous drainage of abdominal abcess. Eur J Radiol. 2002;43:204-18 pubmed
    ..Both the renal and the perirenal abscesses are amenable to percutaneous drainage. Percutaneous drainage provides an effective and safe alternative to more invasive surgical drainage in most patients with psoas abscesses as well...