I Atilla Aridogan


Affiliation: Cukurova University
Country: Turkey


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    Aridogan I, Zeren S, Bayazit Y, Soyupak B, Doran S. Complications of pneumatic ureterolithotripsy in the early postoperative period. J Endourol. 2005;19:50-3 pubmed
    ..Ureterolithotripsy by a pneumatic lithotripter is a minimally invasive, highly tolerable procedure with a low complication rate and short hospital stay when performed meticulously with appropriate instruments. ..
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    Aridogan I, Ilkit M, Izol V, Ates A. Malassezia and Candida colonisation on glans penis of circumcised men. Mycoses. 2005;48:352-6 pubmed
    ..1%), Candida zeylanoides (5.4%), Candida guilliermondii (2.7%) and Saccharomyces cerevisiae (2.7%). The results of this study showed that Malassezia species were also colonised like Candida on the glans penis of circumcised males. ..
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    Aridogan I, Ates A, Izol V, Ilkit M. Tinea cruris in routine urology practice. Urol Int. 2005;74:346-8 pubmed
    ..It has been aimed to investigate the prevalence and the causative agents of tinea cruris and tinea pedis in patients who were admitted to the Department of Urology with various pathologies...