I Kocak


Affiliation: Adnan Menderes University
Country: Turkey


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    Kocak I, Dundar M, Yenisey C, Serter M, Gunaydin G. Pro-inflammatory cytokine response of the fluid contents of spermatoceles and epididymal cysts. Andrologia. 2002;34:112-5 pubmed
    ..The presence of immunologic activation in these fluids advocates a policy of selective surgical intervention in patients with spermatocele or epididymal cyst...
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    Kocak I, Dundar M, Culhaci N, Unsal A. Relapse of brucellosis simulating testis tumor. Int J Urol. 2004;11:683-5 pubmed
    ..Even in the absence of systemic symptoms, the possible relapse of brucellosis as an abscess formation in the testis should be considered as a rare cause of testicular mass in patients who live in endemic regions...