Pieter Paul A Vergroesen


Affiliation: VU University Medical Center
Country: The Netherlands


  1. Vergroesen P, Kingma I, Emanuel K, Hoogendoorn R, Welting T, van Royen B, et al. Mechanics and biology in intervertebral disc degeneration: a vicious circle. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2015;23:1057-70 pubmed publisher
  2. Vergroesen P, Emanuel K, Peeters M, Kingma I, Smit T. Are axial intervertebral disc biomechanics determined by osmosis?. J Biomech. 2018;70:4-9 pubmed publisher
    ..This suggests that besides the osmotic gradient, the permeability of the tissues determines healthy intervertebral disc biomechanics. ..