Miranda van Lunteren


Affiliation: Leiden University Medical Center
Country: The Netherlands


  1. van Lunteren M, Sepriano A, Landewe R, Sieper J, Rudwaleit M, van der Heijde D, et al. Do ethnicity, degree of family relationship, and the spondyloarthritis subtype in affected relatives influence the association between a positive family history for spondyloarthritis and HLA-B27 carriership? Results from the worldwide ASAS cohort. Arthritis Res Ther. 2018;20:166 pubmed publisher
    ..This cohort and two European cohorts show that a PFH of AS and possibly a PFH of AAU can be used to identify patients who are more likely to be HLA-B27-positive and therefore may have an increased risk of axSpA. ..
  2. van Lunteren M, Ez Zaitouni Z, de Koning A, Dagfinrud H, Ramonda R, Jacobsson L, et al. In Early Axial Spondyloarthritis, Increasing Disease Activity Is Associated with Worsening of Health-related Quality of Life over Time. J Rheumatol. 2018;45:779-784 pubmed publisher
    ..To our knowledge, our data are the first to show that in a broad group of patients with early axSpA, increasing ASDAS is associated with worsening of physical HRQOL, but not mental HRQOL, over time. ..