Adriana C Gittenberger-de Groot


Affiliation: Leiden University Medical Center
Country: The Netherlands


  1. Gittenberger de Groot A, Koenraadt W, Bartelings M, Bokenkamp R, DeRuiter M, Hazekamp M, et al. Coding of coronary arterial origin and branching in congenital heart disease: The modified Leiden Convention. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2018;156:2260-2269 pubmed publisher
    ..The modified Leiden Convention is not a strict classification but a simple coronary coding system that is broadly applicable. ..
  2. Gittenberger de Groot A, Vrancken Peeters M, Bergwerff M, Mentink M, Poelmann R. Epicardial outgrowth inhibition leads to compensatory mesothelial outflow tract collar and abnormal cardiac septation and coronary formation. Circ Res. 2000;87:969-71 pubmed
    ..Heterospecific epicardial transplant is able to partially rescue the myocardial development, as well as septation and coronary formation. ..
  3. Gittenberger de Groot A, Bartram U, Oosthoek P, Bartelings M, Hogers B, Poelmann R, et al. Collagen type VI expression during cardiac development and in human fetuses with trisomy 21. Anat Rec A Discov Mol Cell Evol Biol. 2003;275:1109-16 pubmed
    ..We hypothesise that collagen VI has a role in the development of heart defects involving endocardial cushion differentiation-specifically in the AV canal, the most common site of malformations affecting children with trisomy 21. ..
  4. Gittenberger de Groot A, Winter E, Bartelings M, Goumans M, DeRuiter M, Poelmann R. The arterial and cardiac epicardium in development, disease and repair. Differentiation. 2012;84:41-53 pubmed publisher
    ..Research into the many cell-autonomous and cell-cell-based capacities of the adult epicardium will open up new realistic therapeutic avenues. ..
  5. Gittenberger de Groot A, Hoppenbrouwers T, Miquerol L, Kosaka Y, Poelmann R, Wisse L, et al. 14-3-3epsilon controls multiple developmental processes in the mouse heart. Dev Dyn. 2016;245:1107-1123 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggest that 14-3-3?, in addition to left ventricular non-compaction (LVNC), might be linked to different forms of congenital heart disease (CHD). Developmental Dynamics 245:1107-1123, 2016. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. ..
  6. Gittenberger de Groot A, Mahtab E, Hahurij N, Wisse L, DeRuiter M, Wijffels M, et al. Nkx2.5-negative myocardium of the posterior heart field and its correlation with podoplanin expression in cells from the developing cardiac pacemaking and conduction system. Anat Rec (Hoboken). 2007;290:115-22 pubmed
    ..We conclude that we have found podoplanin as a marker that links a novel Nkx2.5-negative sinus venosus myocardial area, which we refer to as the posterior heart field, with the cardiac conduction system. ..