Liffert Vogt


Affiliation: Academic Medical Center
Country: The Netherlands


  1. Olde Engberink R, Rorije N, Homan van der Heide J, van den Born B, Vogt L. Role of the vascular wall in sodium homeostasis and salt sensitivity. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2015;26:777-83 pubmed publisher
  2. Olde Engberink R, Rorije N, van den Born B, Vogt L. Quantification of nonosmotic sodium storage capacity following acute hypertonic saline infusion in healthy individuals. Kidney Int. 2017;91:738-745 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, healthy individuals are able to osmotically inactivate significant amounts of sodium after hypertonic saline infusion. Further research is needed to uncover factors that determine nonosmotic sodium storage. ..
  3. Olde Engberink R, van den Hoek T, van Noordenne N, van den Born B, Peters Sengers H, Vogt L. Use of a Single Baseline Versus Multiyear 24-Hour Urine Collection for Estimation of Long-Term Sodium Intake and Associated Cardiovascular and Renal Risk. Circulation. 2017;136:917-926 pubmed publisher
    ..This finding had significant consequences for the association between sodium intake and long-term cardiovascular and renal outcomes. ..