Malai Muttarak


Affiliation: Chiang Mai University
Country: Thailand


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    Muttarak M, Chaiwun B. Painless scrotal swelling: ultrasonographical features with pathological correlation. Singapore Med J. 2005;46:196-201; quiz 202 pubmed
    ..Tuberculous epididymitis or epididymo-orchitis may also present with painless scrotal swelling. US features of these disease patterns, with pathological correlation, are presented in this pictorial essay. ..
  2. Muttarak M, Lerttumnongtum P, Chaiwun B, Peh W. Spectrum of papillary lesions of the breast: clinical, imaging, and pathologic correlation. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2008;191:700-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Recognition of the variety of benign and malignant papillary lesions of the breast will facilitate diagnosis and proper management. ..
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    Muttarak M, Chaiwun B, Peh W. Role of mammography in diagnosis of axillary abnormalities in women with normal breast examination. Australas Radiol. 2004;48:306-10 pubmed
    ..Mammographical features of benign and malignant lymphadenopathy may be indistinguishable, but presence of intranodal calcifications is helpful. Mammography is also valuable in depicting occult primary breast carcinoma. ..
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    Muttarak M, Pojchamarnwiputh S, Chaiwun B. Breast carcinomas: why are they missed?. Singapore Med J. 2006;47:851-7 pubmed
    ..Several factors, including dense breast parenchyma obscuring a lesion, perception error, interpretation error, unusual lesion characteristics, and poor technique or positioning, are possible causes of missed breast cancers. ..
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    Muttarak M, Lojanapiwat B. The painful scrotum: an ultrasonographical approach to diagnosis. Singapore Med J. 2005;46:352-7; quiz 358 pubmed
    ..This pictorial essay is intended to review the causes, US appearances of disease processes causing the painful scrotum, and examination pitfalls of scrotal US...
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    Muttarak M, ChiangMai W, Lojanapiwat B. Tuberculosis of the genitourinary tract: imaging features with pathological correlation. Singapore Med J. 2005;46:568-74; quiz 575 pubmed
    ..This pictorial essay illustrates the spectrum of imaging features of TB affecting the kidney, ureter, bladder, and the female and male genital tracts...