Liang Kung Chen


Affiliation: Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Country: Taiwan


  1. Lee W, Peng L, Loh C, Chen L. Effect of Body Weight, Waist Circumference and Their Changes on Mortality: a 10-Year Population-based Study. J Nutr Health Aging. 2018;22:959-964 pubmed publisher
    ..6). Weight loss and waist decrease were significantly associated with long-term mortality risk, a life-course approach for body weight management is needed to pursuit the most optimal health benefits for the middle-aged and older adults. ..
  2. Lee W, Peng L, Lin C, Lin H, Loh C, Chen L. The synergic effects of frailty on disability associated with urbanization, multimorbidity, and mental health: implications for public health and medical care. Sci Rep. 2018;8:14125 pubmed publisher
    ..Targeting frailty prevention and intervention needs a special attention on those vulnerable groups. ..
  3. Shimada H, Doi T, Lee S, Makizako H, Chen L, Arai H. Cognitive Frailty Predicts Incident Dementia among Community-Dwelling Older People. J Clin Med. 2018;7: pubmed publisher
    ..13, 95% CI: 0.76?1.69). Individuals with comorbid physical frailty and cognitive impairment could have a higher risk of dementia than healthy older adults or older adults with either physical frailty or cognitive impairment alone. ..
  4. Peng L, Chou M, Liang C, Lee W, Kojima T, Lin M, et al. Association between serum activin A and metabolic syndrome in older adults: Potential of activin A as a biomarker of cardiometabolic disease. Exp Gerontol. 2018;111:197-202 pubmed publisher
  5. Yao C, Chen L, Huang K. The immunogenicity and safety of zoster vaccine in Taiwanese adults. Vaccine. 2015;33:1515-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The estimated GMFR was 3.05 (95% CI: 2.60 to 3.57).There were no serious adverse events for 28 days following vaccination. This study demonstrated the safety and immunogenicity of ZOSTAVAX among healthy Taiwanese adults. ..
  6. Liu L, Lee W, Wu Y, Hwang A, Lin M, Shimada H, et al. Cognitive Frailty and Its Association with All-Cause Mortality among Community-Dwelling Older Adults in Taiwan: Results from I-Lan Longitudinal Aging Study. Rejuvenation Res. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..The prevalence of cognitive frailty was 13.3% in Taiwan and was predictive for all-cause mortality. Further study is needed to explore the pathophysiology and reversibility of cognitive frailty. ..
  7. Lee Y, Tsai Y, Chen L. Progressive changes in artistic performance of a Chinese master with Alzheimer's disease. Cortex. 2015;69:282-3 pubmed publisher
    ..We report on the paintings of a Chinese artist before and after he developed Alzheimer's dementia (AD). ..
  8. Wu Y, Liu L, Chen W, Lee W, Peng L, Wang P, et al. Cognitive Function in Individuals With Physical Frailty but Without Dementia or Cognitive Complaints: Results From the I-Lan Longitudinal Aging Study. J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2015;16:899.e9-16 pubmed publisher
    ..The incremental impact of frailty on cognition and the susceptibility of nonmemory domain may provide a new view in evaluating the pathogenesis of the relationship between frailty and cognitive impairment. ..
  9. Kuo C, Lu Y, Hsu C, Chang C, Chou R, Liu L, et al. Increased activin A levels in prediabetes and association with carotid intima-media thickness: a cross-sectional analysis from I-Lan Longitudinal Aging Study. Sci Rep. 2018;8:9957 pubmed publisher
    ..Activin A and follistatin levels were elevated in diabetes. In addition, elevated activin A was an independent risk factor for prediabetes and diabetes. ..

More Information


  1. Chang C, Wu C, Liu L, Chou R, Kuo C, Huang P, et al. Association between serum uric acid and cardiovascular risk in nonhypertensive and nondiabetic individuals: The Taiwan I-Lan Longitudinal Aging Study. Sci Rep. 2018;8:5234 pubmed publisher
    ..33, 95% confidence interval 1.10-1.68). These findings warrant attention to this cardiovascular risk factor in apparently healthy adults. ..
  2. Lu W, Chiou S, Chen L, Hsiao F. Functional and Mental Health Outcomes of the Joint Effects of Spousal Health: The Potential Threats of "Concordant Frailty". J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2016;17:324-30 pubmed publisher
    ..This effect was particularly stronger in elderly couples compared with middle-aged couples. ..
  3. Chen L, Liu L, Hwang A, Lin M, Peng L, Chen L, et al. Impact of Malnutrition on Physical, Cognitive Function and Mortality among Older Men Living in Veteran Homes by Minimum Data Set: A Prospective Cohort Study in Taiwan. J Nutr Health Aging. 2016;20:41-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Malnutrition among elder men residing in veteran homes was associated with multimorbidities and higher care complexity, and was predictive for mortality and functional decline. ..
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    Chen L, Hwang A, Liu L, Lee W, Peng L. Frailty Is a Geriatric Syndrome Characterized by Multiple Impairments: A Comprehensive Approach Is Needed. J Frailty Aging. 2016;5:208-213 pubmed
    ..Further study is needed to evaluate the clinical benefits of intervention programs for community-dwelling middle-aged and older people to reverse frailty and its associated functional impairments. ..
  5. Chen L. [Healthcare Services for Older People: From Fragmentation to Integration]. Hu Li Za Zhi. 2015;62:23-9 pubmed publisher
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  7. Huang T, Liang C, Shen H, Chen H, Liao M, Chou M, et al. Gait Speed rather than Dynapenia Is a Simple Indicator for Complex Care Needs: A Cross-sectional Study Using Minimum Data Set. Sci Rep. 2017;7:8418 pubmed publisher
    ..In conclusion, slow gait speed rather than dynapenia is a simple indicator for higher complexity of care needs of older male LTCF residents. ..
  8. Lee W, Liu L, Hwang A, Peng L, Lin M, Chen L. Dysmobility Syndrome and Risk of Mortality for Community-Dwelling Middle-Aged and Older Adults: The Nexus of Aging and Body Composition. Sci Rep. 2017;7:8785 pubmed publisher
    ..Taking the nexus of body composition as a whole to evaluate the mortality risk of older adults is an important improvement beyond sarcopenia and osteoporosis. ..
  9. Peng L, Lu W, Liang C, Chou M, Chung C, Tsai S, et al. Functional Outcomes, Subsequent Healthcare Utilization, and Mortality of Stroke Postacute Care Patients in Taiwan: A Nationwide Propensity Score-matched Study. J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2017;18:990.e7-990.e12 pubmed publisher
    ..Further longitudinal research is needed to evaluate the long-term survival benefits and healthcare utilization. ..
  10. Kang L, Liu X, Zhang J, Shan P, Wang J, Zhong P, et al. Attitudes Toward Advance Directives Among Patients and Their Family Members in China. J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2017;18:808.e7-808.e11 pubmed publisher
    ..3% vs 42.7%). Awareness about ACP/ADs in China is still low. Providing culturally sensitive knowledge, education, and communication regarding ACP/ADs is a feasible first step to promoting this sociomedical practice. ..
  11. Chen L, Arai H, Chen L, Chou M, Djauzi S, Dong B, et al. Looking back to move forward: a twenty-year audit of herpes zoster in Asia-Pacific. BMC Infect Dis. 2017;17:213 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the strong rationale for prevention, most adult immunisation guidelines include HZ vaccine, yet it remains underused. We urge all stakeholders to give higher priority to adult immunisation in general and HZ in particular. ..
  12. Hung C, Wang C, Tang T, Chen L, Peng L, Hsiao F, et al. Recurrent falls and its risk factors among older men living in the veterans retirement communities: A cross-sectional study. Arch Gerontol Geriatr. 2017;70:214-218 pubmed publisher
    ..However, urinary incontinence was associated with recurrent falls, but not single falls. Intervention study is needed to reduce recurrent falls through management of urinary incontinence. ..
  13. Chi M, Liang C, Lee W, Peng L, Chou M, Chen L. Association of New-Onset Diabetes Mellitus in Older People and Mortality in Taiwan: A 10-Year Nationwide Population-Based Study. J Nutr Health Aging. 2017;21:227-232 pubmed publisher
    ..Individualized care plans stratified by age at onset, duration of disease, comorbidity and functional status, as well as hypoglycemia avoidance, would benefit the management of diabetes in older adults. ..
  14. Chen L, Lee W, Peng L, Liu L, Arai H, Akishita M. Recent Advances in Sarcopenia Research in Asia: 2016 Update From the Asian Working Group for Sarcopenia. J Am Med Dir Assoc. 2016;17:767.e1-7 pubmed publisher
    ..Pharmacologic interventions have been unsatisfactory, and the core management strategies remain physical exercise and nutritional supplementation; however, further research is required to determine the most beneficial approaches. ..