Jenn Che Wang


Affiliation: National Taiwan Normal University
Country: Taiwan


  1. Lu C, Chiou W, Wang J. Asarum pubitessellatum, sp. nov. (sect. Heterotropa, Aristolochiaceae) from Taiwan based on morphological and palynological evidence. Bot Stud. 2013;54:28 pubmed publisher
    ..C. Wang, a new species is described and illustrated. The trichomes on the inner surface of the perianth-tube and pollen micromorphology were the valuable characters in the low-level classification of Heterotropa species in Taiwan. ..
  2. Lu C, Lin H, Liou W, Wang J. Sedum tarokoense (Crassulaceae), a new species from a limestone area in Taiwan. Bot Stud. 2013;54:57 pubmed publisher
    ..Sedum tarokoense H.W. Lin & J.C. Wang is described as a new species. We provide a description, line drawing, and distribution map, as well as photograph, a key and a table to distinguish S. tarokoense from its related species. ..