Manfred Türke



  1. Türke M, Weisser W. Species, diaspore volume and body mass matter in gastropod seed feeding behavior. PLoS ONE. 2013;8:e68788 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results help to generalize the finding that gastropods consume and potentially disperse seeds of myrmecochores. The dispersal potential of gastropods is strongly influenced by diaspore size in relation to gastropod size. ..
  2. Türke M, Lange M, Eisenhauer N. Gut shuttle service: endozoochory of dispersal-limited soil fauna by gastropods. Oecologia. 2018;186:655-664 pubmed publisher
    ..Gastropods might even disperse whole multi-trophic micro-ecosystems, a discovery that could have profound implications for our understanding of dispersal mechanisms and the distribution of soil biodiversity. ..
  3. Türke M, Andreas K, Gossner M, Kowalski E, Lange M, Boch S, et al. Are gastropods, rather than ants, important dispersers of seeds of myrmecochorous forest herbs?. Am Nat. 2012;179:124-31 pubmed publisher
    ..We suggest that terrestrial gastropods can generally act as seed dispersers of myrmecochorous plants and even substitute myrmecochory, especially where ants are absent or uncommon...