Thomas Seebeck


Affiliation: University of Bern
Country: Switzerland


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    Seebeck T, Schaub R, Johner A. cAMP signalling in the kinetoplastid protozoa. Curr Mol Med. 2004;4:585-99 pubmed
    ..Homologues of protein kinase A and its regulatory subunits have been identified, but their biochemical properties seem to be disctinct from that of mammalian protein kinase A. ..
  2. Seebeck T, Sterk G, Ke H. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors as a new generation of antiprotozoan drugs: exploiting the benefit of enzymes that are highly conserved between host and parasite. Future Med Chem. 2011;3:1289-306 pubmed publisher
    ..Given the high degree of structural similarity between the human and the protozoan PDEs, the vast expertise available in the human field can now be applied to developing disease-specific PDE inhibitors as new antiprotozoan drugs. ..