Alexander Hergovich


Affiliation: Friedrich Miescher Institute
Country: Switzerland


  1. Hergovich A, Hemmings B. Mammalian NDR/LATS protein kinases in hippo tumor suppressor signaling. Biofactors. 2009;35:338-45 pubmed publisher
    ..In this review, we summarize current knowledge of Merlin/MST/SAV/MOB/LATS/NDR/YAP/TAZ networks (also termed mammalian Hippo signaling) and their roles in mammalian cellular transformation. ..
  2. Hergovich A, Kohler R, Schmitz D, Vichalkovski A, Cornils H, Hemmings B. The MST1 and hMOB1 tumor suppressors control human centrosome duplication by regulating NDR kinase phosphorylation. Curr Biol. 2009;19:1692-702 pubmed publisher
    ..Our observations propose a novel pathway in control of human centriole duplication after recruitment of HsSAS-6 to centrioles. ..