David A Wardle


Affiliation: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Country: Sweden


  1. Wardle D, Walker L, Bardgett R. Ecosystem properties and forest decline in contrasting long-term chronosequences. Science. 2004;305:509-13 pubmed
  2. Wardle D, Bardgett R, Callaway R, van der Putten W. Terrestrial ecosystem responses to species gains and losses. Science. 2011;332:1273-7 pubmed publisher
  3. Wardle D, Yeates G, Barker G, Bellingham P, Bonner K, Williamson W. Island biology and ecosystem functioning in epiphytic soil communities. Science. 2003;301:1717-20 pubmed
    ..This system serves as a model for better understanding how attributes of both real and habitat islands may affect key ecosystem functions through determining the community structure of organisms that drive these functions...