Genomes and Genes


Elisabete Weiderpass


Affiliation: Karolinska Institutet
Country: Sweden


  1. Weiderpass E, Oh J, Algeri S, Bellocco R. Socioeconomic status and epithelial ovarian cancer survival in Sweden. Cancer Causes Control. 2014;25:1063-73 pubmed publisher
    ..Nevertheless, there was no evidence of extended survival among women with higher compared to lower SES. Our study provides no convincing evidence of an association between SES and EOC survival in Sweden. ..
  2. van Roekel E, Trijsburg L, Assi N, Carayol M, Achaintre D, Murphy N, et al. Circulating Metabolites Associated with Alcohol Intake in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition Cohort. Nutrients. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..This provides further leads for future research studies aiming at elucidating the mechanisms underlying the effects of alcohol in relation to morbid conditions. ..
  3. Oh J, Weiderpass E. Infection and cancer: global distribution and burden of diseases. Ann Glob Health. 2014;80:384-92 pubmed publisher
  4. Campmans Kuijpers M, Sluijs I, Nöthlings U, Freisling H, Overvad K, Weiderpass E, et al. Isocaloric substitution of carbohydrates with protein: the association with weight change and mortality among patients with type 2 diabetes. Cardiovasc Diabetol. 2015;14:39 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, future research is needed whether dietary guidelines should not actively promote substitution of carbohydrates by total protein, but rather focus on substitution of carbohydrates with plant protein. ..
  5. Romaguera D, Ward H, Wark P, Vergnaud A, Peeters P, van Gils C, et al. Pre-diagnostic concordance with the WCRF/AICR guidelines and survival in European colorectal cancer patients: a cohort study. BMC Med. 2015;13:107 pubmed publisher
    ..Greater concordance with the WCRF/AICR recommendations on diet, physical activity, and body fatness prior to CRC diagnosis is associated with improved survival among CRC patients. ..
  6. Roswall N, Li Y, Kyrø C, Sandin S, Löf M, Adami H, et al. No Association between Adherence to a Healthy Nordic Food Index and Colorectal Cancer: Results from a Swedish Cohort Study. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2015;24:755-7 pubmed publisher
    ..The present study does, thus, not support a previous finding of an inverse association between a healthy Nordic food index and colorectal cancer. This article adds new evidence to the field of the Nordic diet in disease prevention. ..
  7. Campa D, Barrdahl M, Gaudet M, Black A, Chanock S, Diver W, et al. Genetic risk variants associated with in situ breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res. 2015;17:82 pubmed publisher
  8. Lopes L, Miguel F, Freitas H, Tavares A, Pangui S, Castro C, et al. Stage at presentation of breast cancer in Luanda, Angola - a retrospective study. BMC Health Serv Res. 2015;15:471 pubmed publisher
    ..Angola needs urgently a program for early diagnosis of breast cancer. ..
  9. Weiderpass E, Tyczynski J. Epidemiology of Patients with Ovarian Cancer with and Without a BRCA1/2 Mutation. Mol Diagn Ther. 2015;19:351-64 pubmed publisher
    ..Knowledge of BRCAm status could, therefore, help to inform treatment decisions and identify relatives at increased risk of developing cancer. ..

More Information


  1. Merritt M, Riboli E, Murphy N, Kadi M, Tjønneland A, Olsen A, et al. Reproductive factors and risk of mortality in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition; a cohort study. BMC Med. 2015;13:252 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings may contribute to the development of improved strategies to promote better long-term health in women. ..
  2. Figueiredo R, Weiderpass E, Tajara E, Ström P, Carvalho A, de Carvalho M, et al. Diabetes mellitus, metformin and head and neck cancer. Oral Oncol. 2016;61:47-54 pubmed publisher
    ..31; 95% CI: 0.11-0.88) had lower risk of HNC than equivalent non-diabetic participants. The risk of HNC was decreased among diabetic participants; metformin use may at least partially explain this inverse association. ..
  3. Aleksandrova K, Pischon T, Jenab M, Bueno de Mesquita H, Fedirko V, Norat T, et al. Combined impact of healthy lifestyle factors on colorectal cancer: a large European cohort study. BMC Med. 2014;12:168 pubmed publisher
    ..Prevention strategies considering complex targeting of multiple lifestyle factors may provide practical means for improved CRC prevention. ..
  4. Shin A, Sandin S, Lof M, Margolis K, Kim K, Couto E, et al. Alcohol consumption, body mass index and breast cancer risk by hormone receptor status: Women' Lifestyle and Health Study. BMC Cancer. 2015;15:881 pubmed publisher
    ..03, 95 % CI 1.0-1.05 per 5 g/day increase). An increase in breast cancer risk with higher alcohol consumption was found for breast cancers in women with a BMI ≤25 kg/m(2). ..
  5. Borch K, Braaten T, Lund E, Weiderpass E. Physical activity before and after breast cancer diagnosis and survival - the Norwegian women and cancer cohort study. BMC Cancer. 2015;15:967 pubmed publisher
    ..Our results are very promising for women with breast cancer, and indicate that health care professionals should consider adding PA as a part of primary cancer treatment. ..
  6. Tikk K, Sookthai D, Fortner R, Johnson T, Rinaldi S, Romieu I, et al. Circulating prolactin and in situ breast cancer risk in the European EPIC cohort: a case-control study. Breast Cancer Res. 2015;17:49 pubmed publisher
    ..15; Phet=0.07). Our data extends prior research linking prolactin and invasive breast cancer to the outcome of in situ breast tumours and shows that higher circulating prolactin is associated with increased risk of in situ breast cancer. ..