Stefan Plantman


Affiliation: Karolinska Institutet
Country: Sweden


  1. Plantman S, Patarroyo M, Fried K, Domogatskaya A, Tryggvason K, Hammarberg H, et al. Integrin-laminin interactions controlling neurite outgrowth from adult DRG neurons in vitro. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2008;39:50-62 pubmed publisher
  2. Plantman S. Osteopontin is upregulated after mechanical brain injury and stimulates neurite growth from hippocampal neurons through ?1 integrin and CD44. Neuroreport. 2012;23:647-52 pubmed publisher
    ..Finally, growth on OPN was mediated through ?1 intregrins and CD44. These findings indicate that injury-induced OPN may support neurite sprouting, suggesting a role for this molecule in recovery from central nervous system trauma. ..
  3. Plantman S, Zelano J, Novikova L, Novikov L, Cullheim S. Neuronal myosin-X is upregulated after peripheral nerve injury and mediates laminin-induced growth of neurites. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2013;56:96-101 pubmed publisher