Kjell Johansson


Country: Sweden


  1. Mohlin C, Taylor L, Ghosh F, Johansson K. Autophagy and ER-stress contribute to photoreceptor degeneration in cultured adult porcine retina. Brain Res. 2014;1585:167-83 pubmed publisher
    ..As no alteration of rhodopsin mRNA was observed, autophagy and ER-stress are suggested to decrease rhodopsin protein at the posttranscriptional level. ..
  2. Genové G, Mollick T, Johansson K. Photoreceptor degeneration, structural remodeling and glial activation: a morphological study on a genetic mouse model for pericyte deficiency. Neuroscience. 2014;279:269-84 pubmed publisher
  3. Mollick T, Mohlin C, Johansson K. Human neural progenitor cells decrease photoreceptor degeneration, normalize opsin distribution and support synapse structure in cultured porcine retina. Brain Res. 2016;1646:522-534 pubmed publisher
    ..Whether hNPCs can independently hinder Müller cell gliosis by utilizing higher concentrations or by combination with other pharmacological agents still needs to be determined. ..