Antoni Pons


Affiliation: Universitat de les Illes Balears
Country: Spain


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    Capó X, Martorell M, Busquets Cortés C, Sureda A, Riera J, Drobnic F, et al. Effects of dietary almond- and olive oil-based docosahexaenoic acid- and vitamin E-enriched beverage supplementation on athletic performance and oxidative stress markers. Food Funct. 2016;7:4920-4934 pubmed
    ..The beverages enhance the gene expression of antioxidant enzymes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells after exercise in young athletes. ..
  2. Busquets Cortés C, Capó X, Argelich E, Ferrer M, Mateos D, Bouzas C, et al. Effects of Millimolar Steady-State Hydrogen Peroxide Exposure on Inflammatory and Redox Gene Expression in Immune Cells from Humans with Metabolic Syndrome. Nutrients. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..We observe emerging roles of H₂O₂ in mitochondrial dynamics and redox and inflammation processes in immune cells. ..
  3. Busquets Cortés C, Capó X, Bibiloni M, Martorell M, Ferrer M, Argelich E, et al. Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Antioxidant Adaptations to Regular Physical Activity in Elderly People. Nutrients. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..proteins. Active lifestyle and daily activities exert beneficial effects on body composition and it enhances the antioxidant defenses and oxidative metabolism capabilities in PBMCs from healthy elderly. ..
  4. Ferrer M, Capó X, Martorell M, Busquets Cortés C, Bouzas C, Carreres S, et al. Regular Practice of Moderate Physical Activity by Older Adults Ameliorates Their Anti-Inflammatory Status. Nutrients. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..The regular practice of physical activity exerts beneficial effects on body composition and the anti-inflammatory status of old people. ..
  5. Ozen A, Bibiloni M, Bouzas C, Pons A, Tur J. Beverage Consumption among Adults in the Balearic Islands: Association with Total Water and Energy Intake. Nutrients. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..These findings may be used to develop effective, healthy eating and drinking policies and campaigns. ..
  6. Bibiloni M, Ozen A, Pons A, Gonzalez Gross M, Tur J. Physical Activity and Beverage Consumption among Adolescents. Nutrients. 2016;8: pubmed publisher
    ..PA behavior should be considered when analyzing beverage consumption in adolescents. ..
  7. Coll J, Del Mar Bibiloni M, Salas R, Pons A, Tur J. The prevalence of excessive weight in Balearic Islands' young and middle-aged women and its association with social and socioeconomic factors: a ten-year trend (2000-2010). BMC Public Health. 2015;15:837 pubmed publisher
    ..Overweight/obesity increased in young women with unemployment being the distinguishing socioeconomic factor associated with this increase. ..
  8. Capó X, Martorell M, Sureda A, Batle J, Tur J, Pons A. Docosahexaenoic diet supplementation, exercise and temperature affect cytokine production by lipopolysaccharide-stimulated mononuclear cells. J Physiol Biochem. 2016;72:421-34 pubmed publisher
    ..DHA diet supplementation only attenuated cytokine production after exercise and not that induced by temperature. ..
  9. Capó X, Martorell M, Sureda A, Riera J, Drobnic F, Tur J, et al. Effects of Almond- and Olive Oil-Based Docosahexaenoic- and Vitamin E-Enriched Beverage Dietary Supplementation on Inflammation Associated to Exercise and Age. Nutrients. 2016;8: pubmed
    ..The functional beverage supplementation to young athletes enhances a pro-inflammatory circulating environment in response to the exercise that was less evident in the senior group. ..

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  1. Sureda A, Bibiloni M, Julibert A, Bouzas C, Argelich E, Llompart I, et al. Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet and Inflammatory Markers. Nutrients. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..Low adherence to the Mediterranean dietary pattern (MDP) is directly associated with a worse profile of plasmatic inflammation markers. ..
  2. Busquets Cortés C, Capó X, Martorell M, Tur J, Sureda A, Pons A. Training and acute exercise modulates mitochondrial dynamics in football players' blood mononuclear cells. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2017;117:1977-1987 pubmed publisher
    ..Acute exercise may act as an inducer of mitochondrial biogenesis through NF-?B activation and PGC1? gene expression. ..
  3. Sureda A, Mestre Alfaro A, Banquells M, Riera J, Drobnic F, Camps J, et al. Exercise in a hot environment influences plasma anti-inflammatory and antioxidant status in well-trained athletes. J Therm Biol. 2015;47:91-8 pubmed publisher
    ..These results suggest that environmental temperature needs to be taken into account when evaluating exercise-related oxidative stress and inflammation. ..
  4. Bibiloni M, Julibert A, Argelich E, Aparicio Ugarriza R, Palacios G, Pons A, et al. Western and Mediterranean Dietary Patterns and Physical Activity and Fitness among Spanish Older Adults. Nutrients. 2017;9: pubmed publisher
    ..WDP is associated with slower gait speed and lower body strength, agility and aerobic endurance. MDP has protective effect on healthy physical fitness, and WDP may be a contributor to frailty. ..
  5. Bibiloni M, González M, Julibert A, Llompart I, Pons A, Tur J. Ten-Year Trends (1999-2010) of Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet among the Balearic Islands' Adult Population. Nutrients. 2017;9: pubmed publisher
    ..The adherence to the MDP has been stabilized and slightly recovered among the Balearic Islands' adult population in the last decade. ..