José Barluenga


Affiliation: Universidad de Oviedo
Country: Spain


  1. Barluenga J, Riesgo L, Lonzi G, Tomás M, Lopez L. Copper(I)-catalyzed [3+1] cycloaddition of alkenyldiazoacetates and iminoiodinanes: easy access to substituted 2-azetines. Chemistry. 2012;18:9221-4 pubmed publisher
    ..The resulting azetine structure is a direct precursor of azeditine-2-carboxylic acid derivatives (EWG = electron-withdrawing group). ..
  2. Barluenga J, Tomás Gamasa M, Aznar F, Valdes C. Metal-free carbon-carbon bond-forming reductive coupling between boronic acids and tosylhydrazones. Nat Chem. 2009;1:494-9 pubmed publisher
    ..As the required tosylhydrazones are easily generated from carbonyl compounds, it can be seen as a reductive coupling of carbonyls, a process of high synthetic relevance that requires several steps using other methodologies. ..