José Luis Campos


Affiliation: Santiago de Compostela
Country: Spain


  1. Moralejo Gárate H, Kleerebezem R, Mosquera Corral A, Campos J, Palmeiro Sánchez T, Van Loosdrecht M. Substrate versatility of polyhydroxyalkanoate producing glycerol grown bacterial enrichment culture. Water Res. 2014;66:190-198 pubmed publisher
    ..A process where mixtures of substrates can be easily handled and the acidification step can potentially be avoided is described. ..
  2. Morales N, Val Del Río Ã, Vázquez Padín J, Méndez R, Mosquera Corral A, Campos J. Integration of the Anammox process to the rejection water and main stream lines of WWTPs. Chemosphere. 2015;140:99-105 pubmed publisher
    ..If not, the application of a post-denitrification step should be necessary. ..