Vicente Martin


Country: Spain


  1. Bibiloni M, Julibert A, Bouzas C, Martinez Gonzalez M, Corella D, Salas Salvado J, et al. Nut Consumptions as a Marker of Higher Diet Quality in a Mediterranean Population at High Cardiovascular Risk. Nutrients. 2019;11: pubmed publisher
    ..nut consumers had better nutrient adequacy, diet quality, and adherence to the MedDiet than those non-nut consumers. ..
  2. Papandreou C, Babio N, Díaz López A, Martinez Gonzalez M, Becerra Tomás N, Corella D, et al. Sleep Duration is Inversely Associated with Serum Uric Acid Concentrations and Uric Acid to Creatinine Ratio in an Elderly Mediterranean Population at High Cardiovascular Risk. Nutrients. 2019;11: pubmed publisher
    ..15, p = 0.001). The findings of this study suggest that longer sleep duration is associated with lower SUA concentrations and lower SUA to creatinine ratio. ..
  3. Sanchez Villegas A, Álvarez Pérez J, Toledo E, Salas Salvado J, Ortega Azorín C, Zomeño M, et al. Seafood Consumption, Omega-3 Fatty Acids Intake, and Life-Time Prevalence of Depression in the PREDIMED-Plus Trial. Nutrients. 2018;10: pubmed publisher
    ..5⁻1 g/day) was significantly associated with a lower prevalence of depression. In our study, moderate fish and LC ω-3 PUFA intake, but not high intake, was associated with lower odds of depression suggesting a U-shaped relationship. ..
  4. Martínez González L, Fernández Villa T, Molina de la Torre A, Ayán Pérez C, Bueno Cavanillas A, Capelo Álvarez R, et al. [Prevalence of eating disorders in college students and associated factors: uniHcos project]. Nutr Hosp. 2014;30:927-34 pubmed publisher
    ..Se observaron diferencias en función del sexo que precisan atención en el diseño de estrategias de prevención y control. ..
  5. Fernández Villa T, Molina A, García Martín M, Llorca J, Delgado Rodríguez M, Martín V. Validation and psychometric analysis of the Internet Addiction Test in Spanish among college students. BMC Public Health. 2015;15:953 pubmed publisher
    ..The reliability and psychometric properties obtained in this study support the conclusion that this Spanish short version of the IAT represents a useful tool for the analysis of problems arising from misuse of the Internet. ..
  6. Boldo E, Castelló A, Aragones N, Amiano P, Perez Gomez B, Castano Vinyals G, et al. Meat intake, methods and degrees of cooking and breast cancer risk in the MCC-Spain study. Maturitas. 2018;110:62-70 pubmed publisher
    ..78 (1.29-2.46)). The risk of developing BC could be reduced by moderating the consumption of well-done or stewed red meat, pan-fried/bread-coated fried white meat and, especially, processed/cured meat. ..
  7. Godoy P, Castilla J, Mayoral J, Martín V, Astray J, Torner N, et al. Influenza vaccination of primary healthcare physicians may be associated with vaccination in their patients: a vaccination coverage study. BMC Fam Pract. 2015;16:44 pubmed publisher
    ..013). Vaccination of physicians together with their opinions on the effectiveness of the vaccine may be a predictor of vaccination coverage in their patients. Further studies are required to confirm this. ..
  8. Martín V, Castilla J, Godoy P, Delgado Rodríguez M, Soldevila N, Fernández Villa T, et al. High Body Mass Index as a Risk Factor for Hospitalization Due to Influenza: A Case-Control Study. Arch Bronconeumol. 2016;52:299-307 pubmed publisher
    ..5% to 16.9%. A high BMI is associated with an increased risk of hospitalization due to influenza. High percentage of hospital admissions are attributable to their BMI, especially in non vaccinated. ..
  9. Alonso Molero J, González Donquiles C, Fernández Villa T, De Souza Teixeira F, Vilorio Marqués L, Molina A, et al. Alterations in PGC1? expression levels are involved in colorectal cancer risk: a qualitative systematic review. BMC Cancer. 2017;17:731 pubmed publisher
    ..Thus, various authors propose PGC1? as a good candidate molecular target for cancer therapy. Reducing expression of this gene could help to reduce risk or progression of CRC. ..

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  1. Castelló A, Boldo E, Perez Gomez B, Lope V, Altzibar J, Martin V, et al. Adherence to the Western, Prudent and Mediterranean dietary patterns and breast cancer risk: MCC-Spain study. Maturitas. 2017;103:8-15 pubmed publisher
    ..075). There were no significant differences by tumour subtype. Dietary recommendations based on a departure from the Western dietary pattern in favour of the Mediterranean diet could reduce breast cancer risk in the general population. ..