Angélica Figueroa


Country: Spain


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    ..In addition, we review the current state of implementation of these novel tools in the pathological laboratory and in clinical practice. ..
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    ..These results lead to the consideration of Hakai as a potential new therapeutic target to block tumour development and metastasis. ..
  4. Aparicio L, Castosa R, Haz Conde M, Rodriguez M, Blanco M, Valladares M, et al. Role of the microtubule-targeting drug vinflunine on cell-cell adhesions in bladder epithelial tumour cells. BMC Cancer. 2014;14:507 pubmed publisher
    ..Our findings underscore a critical function for VFL in cell-cell adhesions of epithelial bladder tumour cells, suggesting a novel molecular mechanism by which VFL may impact upon EMT and metastasis. ..
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    ..Circulating miR-200c and miR-141 were deregulated in BC comparing with controls. Furthermore, miR-200c and miR-141 were independent prognostic factors and associated with distinct outcomes of BC patients. ..