M Piles


Affiliation: Centre UdL-IRTA
Country: Spain


  1. Piles M, Fernandez Lozano C, Velasco Galilea M, González Rodríguez O, Sanchez J, Torrallardona D, et al. Machine learning applied to transcriptomic data to identify genes associated with feed efficiency in pigs. Genet Sel Evol. 2019;51:10 pubmed publisher
    ..Classification was better with gene expression data from liver than from duodenum. Genes associated with FE in liver and duodenum tissue that can be used as predictive biomarkers for this trait were identified. ..
  2. Piles M, Baselga M, Sánchez J. Expected responses to different strategies of selection to increase heat tolerance assessed by changes in litter size in rabbit. J Anim Sci. 2014;92:4306-12 pubmed publisher
    ..Selection based on EBV of Int seems to have no effect on the trait or on animal's tolerance to heat under CtHC, but it would lead to a positive response in LS under CC. ..
  3. Piles M, David I, Ramon J, Canario L, Rafel O, Pascual M, et al. Interaction of direct and social genetic effects with feeding regime in growing rabbits. Genet Sel Evol. 2017;49:58 pubmed publisher
    ..Selection for [Formula: see text] should be performed under production conditions regarding the FR, by accounting for [Formula: see text] if the amount of food is limited. ..