Alfred Maroyi


Affiliation: University of Fort Hare
Country: South Africa


  1. Maroyi A, Semenya S. Medicinal Uses, Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Properties of Elaeodendron transvaalense. Nutrients. 2019;11: pubmed publisher
  2. Maroyi A. Review of Ethnomedicinal, Phytochemical and Pharmacological Properties of Lannea schweinfurthii (Engl.) Engl. Molecules. 2019;24: pubmed publisher
    ..Detailed ethnopharmacological studies emphasizing clinical and toxicological evaluations are needed to assess efficacy and safety of the species as herbal medicine. ..
  3. Mosina G, Maroyi A, Potgieter M. Comparative analysis of plant use in peri-urban domestic gardens of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. J Ethnobiol Ethnomed. 2014;10:35 pubmed publisher
    ..But the collective desire for food, medicinal and ornamental plants by both communities on the edge of an urban centre and those in the more remote areas highlight the importance of plant resources in domestic gardens. ..
  4. Maroyi A. Not just minor wild edible forest products: consumption of pteridophytes in sub-Saharan Africa. J Ethnobiol Ethnomed. 2014;10:78 pubmed publisher
    ..This study also provided evidence of the importance of pteridophytes as food sources, and can therefore, used to enhance food security in the region by complementing the major food crops, vegetables and fruits. ..
  5. Maroyi A. Syzygium Cordatum Hochst. ex Krauss: An Overview of Its Ethnobotany, Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Properties. Molecules. 2018;23: pubmed publisher
    ..cordatum. Future research on the species should identify the biological compounds, their mode of action and physiological pathways and clinical relevance. ..
  6. Maroyi A. Nutraceutical and Ethnopharmacological Properties of Vangueria infausta subsp. infausta. Molecules. 2018;23: pubmed publisher
    ..Pharmacological studies have provided supporting evidence for the therapeutic value of VI, however, detailed toxicological and clinical trials are required to assess efficacy of the species. ..
  7. Thomford N, Senthebane D, Rowe A, Munro D, Seele P, Maroyi A, et al. Natural Products for Drug Discovery in the 21st Century: Innovations for Novel Drug Discovery. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..This review discusses plant-based natural product drug discovery and how innovative technologies play a role in next-generation drug discovery. ..
  8. Maroyi A. A review of ethnoboatany, therapeutic value, phytochemistry and pharmacology of Crinum macowanii Baker: A highly traded bulbous plant in Southern Africa. J Ethnopharmacol. 2016;194:595-608 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, further studies are required to improve our knowledge about the mechanisms of action, efficacy, toxicity and clinical relevance of the plant species as well as its bioactive compounds. ..
  9. Thomford N, Dzobo K, Chopera D, Wonkam A, Maroyi A, Blackhurst D, et al. In Vitro Reversible and Time-Dependent CYP450 Inhibition Profiles of Medicinal Herbal Plant Extracts Newbouldia laevis and Cassia abbreviata: Implications for Herb-Drug Interactions. Molecules. 2016;21: pubmed publisher
    ..The observations made in this study suggest the potential for these herbal compounds to interact, especially when co-administered with other medications metabolized by these CYP450 enzymes. ..

More Information


  1. Maroyi A. Traditional usage, phytochemistry and pharmacology of Croton sylvaticus Hochst. ex C. Krauss. Asian Pac J Trop Med. 2017;10:423-429 pubmed publisher
    ..Although studies have confirmed that C. sylvaticus has a wide range of bioactives, further research on the exact bioactive molecules and mechanisms of action are required. ..
  2. Maroyi A. Ethnopharmacology and Therapeutic Value of Bridelia micrantha (Hochst.) Baill. in Tropical Africa: A Comprehensive Review. Molecules. 2017;22: pubmed publisher
  3. Maroyi A. Euclea undulata Thunb.: Review of its botany, ethnomedicinal uses, phytochemistry and biological activities. Asian Pac J Trop Med. 2017;10:1030-1036 pubmed publisher
    ..E. undulata has a lot of potential as herbal medicine in tropical Africa, and advanced research is required aimed at correlating its medicinal uses with the phytochemistry and pharmacological properties. ..
  4. Maroyi A. Review of Ethnomedicinal Uses, Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Properties of Euclea natalensis A.DC. Molecules. 2017;22: pubmed publisher
    ..Future studies should focus on the mechanism of biological activities of both crude extracts and chemical compounds from the species, as well as structure-function relationships of bioactive constituents of the species. ..
  5. Maroyi A. Phytochemical and ethnopharmacological review of Elephantorrhiza goetzei (Harms) Harms. Asian Pac J Trop Med. 2017;10:107-113 pubmed publisher
    ..The present review focussing on the biology, traditional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacological properties of E. goetzei has provided preliminary information for further studies on the species. ..
  6. Maroyi A. Acacia karroo Hayne: Ethnomedicinal uses, phytochemistry and pharmacology of an important medicinal plant in southern Africa. Asian Pac J Trop Med. 2017;10:351-360 pubmed publisher
    ..Future research should focus on the mechanisms of action of the different plant parts used as herbal medicines, isolated compounds, their efficacy, toxicity and clinical relevance. ..
  7. Maroyi A. Diversity of use and local knowledge of wild and cultivated plants in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa. J Ethnobiol Ethnomed. 2017;13:43 pubmed publisher
    ..This study also demonstrated the dynamism of traditional ecological knowledge, practices and beliefs of local people demonstrated by the incorporation of exotic plants in their diets and indigenous pharmacopoeia. ..
  8. Maroyi A. Ximenia caffra Sond. (Ximeniaceae) in sub-Saharan Africa: A synthesis and review of its medicinal potential. J Ethnopharmacol. 2016;184:81-100 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, future studies should identify the bioactive components, details of the molecular modes or mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetics and physiological pathways for specific bioactives of X. caffra. ..