Onyemaechi Azu


Affiliation: Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Location: Durban, South Africa
1. Testicular histomorphology & toxicology and development of non-hormonal male contraceptive
2. Investigation of the safety of commonly used oral hypoglycaemic agents in pregnancy
3. Investigation of the anti-diabetic and fertility potential of some locally available herbs
4. Anatomical Education
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A survey of attitude of lecturers and students of anatomy towards making anatomy career friendly in Nigeria. Ibom Medical Journal 2012. 5(1): 39-44.
Histomorphometric effects of Kigelia africana (Bignoniaceae) fruit extract following short-term treatment with cisplatin in male Sprague-Dawley rats. 2010. Middle East Fertility Society Journal 15: 200-208.
• Azu OO (2012). The male genital tract in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART): implication for antioxidant therapy. J AIDS Clinic Res 3:169. doi:10.4172/2155-6113.1000169.


  1. Offor U, Jegede A, Onanuga I, Naidu E, Azu O. Does Hypoxis hemerocallidea mitigate renal histopathological injuries following highly active antiretroviral therapy? An experimental animal study. Minerva Urol Nefrol. 2017;69:391-399 pubmed publisher
    ..05) but elevated in groups B, C, G and H (P<0.001). Groups B and C, as well as groups F and H recorded higher BUN values (P<0.05). Adjuvant treatment with HH extract did not attenuate the nephrotoxicity of HAART in this model. ..

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