Lirlândia Pires Sousa



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    ..Alternatively, a lack of endogenous GILZ during the resolution of inflammation is compensated by AnxA1 overexpression. ..
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    ..Therefore, Pla-induced mononuclear cell recruitment in vivo was dependent on protease-activated receptor-1 activation of the MEK/ERK/NF-κB pathway, which led to the release of CCL2 and activation of CCR2. ..
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    ..Further studies are necessary to clarify this issue and to evaluate the role of LXA4 and other proresolving mediators of inflammation in the pathogenesis of PE. ..
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    ..No correlation was significant in normotensive pregnant women. Lower BDNF plasma concentrations and cross-talk between BDNF and AnxA1 signaling pathways might be involved in PE pathogenesis. ..
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    ..In this narrative review, we discuss possible pro-resolution pathways that might be compromised in PE women, which could be targets to novel therapeutic strategies in this disease. ..
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    ..Our results show that AnxA1 is at least one of the endogenous determinants mediating the pro-resolving properties of cAMP-elevating agents and cAMP-mimetic drugs. ..
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    ..Taken together, the results suggest a potential anti-inflammatory activity for NPe via inhibition of ERK1/2 and NF-κB pathways on leukocytes. ..