Nevin Shalaby



  1. El Sherbiny N, Masoud M, Shalaby N, Shehata H. Prevalence of primary headache disorders in Fayoum Governorate, Egypt. J Headache Pain. 2015;16:85 pubmed publisher
    ..Still headache is under-estimated and under-recognized in Egypt and this problem should be targeted by health care providers. ..
  2. Hashem S, Al Kattan M, Ibrahim S, Shalaby N, Shamloul R, Farrag M. Epilepsy prevalence in Al-Manial Island, Egypt. A door-to-door survey. Epilepsy Res. 2015;117:133-7 pubmed publisher
    ..7%. The prevalence of epilepsy among inhabitants of Al-Manial Island go in agreement with most global studies. High treatment gap detected in our study indicates that proper management of epilepsy requires a multi-factorial approach. ..
  3. Tawfik T, Gad A, Mehaney D, El Nahrery E, Shehata H, Hashem H, et al. Interleukins 17 and 10 in a sample of Egyptian relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients. J Neurol Sci. 2016;369:36-38 pubmed publisher
    ..RRMS patients can have a regulatory imbalance between both pro-and antiinflammatory cytokines, which could be a target for treatment strategies rather than focusing on a single cytokine. ..