Genomes and Genes


Khadija Sellami



  1. Sellami K, Boudaya S, Chaabane H, Amouri M, Masmoudi A, Mseddi M, et al. Twenty-nine cases of lupus vulgaris. Med Mal Infect. 2016;46:93-5 pubmed publisher
    ..Patients received TB treatment. LV progressed to squamous cell carcinoma in one patient. In Tunisia, endemic country for TB, LV should be considered in patients presenting with an old skin lesion. ..
  2. Sellami K, Chaabane H, Fourati H, Masmoudi A, Mnif Z, Mseddi M, et al. Paucisymptomatic Dermoid Cyst with Fatal Outcome. Pediatr Dermatol. 2016;33:e333-6 pubmed publisher
    ..Should we perform an urgent MRI for any cutaneous sign of dysraphism to avoid a dramatic evolution? ..
  3. Ben Jmaa M, Abida O, Bahloul E, Toumi A, Khlif S, Fakhfakh R, et al. Role of FOXP3 gene polymorphism in the susceptibility to Tunisian endemic Pemphigus Foliaceus. Immunol Lett. 2017;184:105-111 pubmed publisher
    ..These results underline the particular genetic background of the Tunisian endemic PF and suggest the implication of FOXP3 gene in the susceptibility and the clinical course of the disease. ..