T Seidel



  1. Seidel T, Navankasattusas S, Ahmad A, Diakos N, Xu W, Tristani Firouzi M, et al. Sheet-Like Remodeling of the Transverse Tubular System in Human Heart Failure Impairs Excitation-Contraction Coupling and Functional Recovery by Mechanical Unloading. Circulation. 2017;135:1632-1645 pubmed publisher
    ..An intact t-system at the time of LVAD implantation may constitute a precondition and predictor for functional cardiac recovery after mechanical unloading. ..
  2. Seidel T, Sankarankutty A, Sachse F. Remodeling of the transverse tubular system after myocardial infarction in rabbit correlates with local fibrosis: A potential role of biomechanics. Prog Biophys Mol Biol. 2017;130:302-314 pubmed publisher
    ..T-system remodeling correlated with the amount of local fibrosis, which is known to stiffen cardiac tissue, but was not found in regions without fibrosis. Thus, locally altered tissue mechanics may contribute to t-system remodeling. ..