Mohammed H Al-Qahtani


Affiliation: King Abdulaziz University
Country: Saudi Arabia


  1. Abuzenadah A, Al Saedi S, Karim S, Al Qahtani M. Role of Overexpressed Transcription Factor FOXO1 in Fatal Cardiovascular Septal Defects in Patau Syndrome: Molecular and Therapeutic Strategies. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
    ..The phenothiazine and trifluoperazine showed efficiency to inhibit overexpressed FOXO1 protein, and could be potential drugs for PS/trisomy13 after validation. ..
  2. Bakhashab S, Ahmed F, Schulten H, Ahmed F, Glanville M, Al Qahtani M, et al. Proangiogenic Effect of Metformin in Endothelial Cells Is via Upregulation of VEGFR1/2 and Their Signaling under Hyperglycemia-Hypoxia. Int J Mol Sci. 2018;19: pubmed publisher
  3. Karim S, Mirza Z, Chaudhary A, Abuzenadah A, Gari M, Al Qahtani M. Assessment of Radiation Induced Therapeutic Effect and Cytotoxicity in Cancer Patients Based on Transcriptomic Profiling. Int J Mol Sci. 2016;17:250 pubmed publisher
    ..The identified biomarkers and alterations in molecular pathways induced by radiation therapy should be further investigated to reduce the cytotoxicity and development of fatigue. ..
  4. Bakhashab S, Ahmed F, Schulten H, Bashir A, Karim S, Al Malki A, et al. Metformin improves the angiogenic potential of human CD34⁺ cells co-incident with downregulating CXCL10 and TIMP1 gene expression and increasing VEGFA under hyperglycemia and hypoxia within a therapeutic window for myocardial infarction. Cardiovasc Diabetol. 2016;15:27 pubmed publisher
    ..Moreover, our data are commensurate with a vascular protective effect of metformin and add to the understanding of underlying mechanisms. ..
  5. Schulten H, Al Mansouri Z, Baghallab I, Bagatian N, Subhi O, Karim S, et al. Comparison of microarray expression profiles between follicular variant of papillary thyroid carcinomas and follicular adenomas of the thyroid. BMC Genomics. 2015;16 Suppl 1:S7 pubmed publisher
    ..A set of differentially expressed genes has been identified that contains valuable candidate genes to differentiate both histopathologically related tumor types on the molecular level. ..
  6. Naseer M, Faheem M, Chaudhary A, Kumosani T, Al Quaiti M, Jan M, et al. Genome wide analysis of novel copy number variations duplications/deletions of different epileptic patients in Saudi Arabia. BMC Genomics. 2015;16 Suppl 1:S10 pubmed publisher
    ..These findings enable us to better describe the genetic variations in epilepsy, and could provide a foundation for understanding the critical regions of the genome which might be involved in the development of epilepsy. ..
  7. Swan A, Stekel D, Hodgman C, Allaway D, Alqahtani M, Mobasheri A, et al. A machine learning heuristic to identify biologically relevant and minimal biomarker panels from omics data. BMC Genomics. 2015;16 Suppl 1:S2 pubmed publisher
    ..Feature reduction methods are advantageous for the analysis of omics data in the field of rheumatology, as the applications of such techniques are likely to result in improvements in diagnosis, treatment and drug discovery. ..
  8. Ilyas A, Ahmad S, Faheem M, Naseer M, Kumosani T, Al Qahtani M, et al. Next generation sequencing of acute myeloid leukemia: influencing prognosis. BMC Genomics. 2015;16 Suppl 1:S5 pubmed publisher
    ..The extended spectrum of abnormalities discovered by NGS is currently under extensive validation for their prognostic and therapeutic values. In this review we highlight the recent advances in the understanding of AML in the NGS era. ..
  9. Merdad A, Gari M, Hussein S, Al Khayat S, Tashkandi H, Al Maghrabi J, et al. Characterization of familial breast cancer in Saudi Arabia. BMC Genomics. 2015;16 Suppl 1:S3 pubmed publisher
    ..The disruption of DNA repair pathways is very likely to contribute to breast cancer susceptibility in the Saudi population. ..

More Information


  1. Seo S, Zeng X, King J, Larue B, Assidi M, Al Qahtani M, et al. Underlying Data for Sequencing the Mitochondrial Genome with the Massively Parallel Sequencing Platform Ion Torrent™ PGM™. BMC Genomics. 2015;16 Suppl 1:S4 pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, the results of this study, based on orthogonal concordance testing and phylogenetic scrutiny, supported that whole mtGenome sequence data with high accuracy can be obtained using the PGM platform. ..
  2. Musumeci G, Castrogiovanni P, Trovato F, Weinberg A, Al Wasiyah M, Alqahtani M, et al. Biomarkers of Chondrocyte Apoptosis and Autophagy in Osteoarthritis. Int J Mol Sci. 2015;16:20560-75 pubmed publisher
  3. Al Maghrabi J, Emam E, Gomaa W, Saggaf M, Buhmeida A, Al Qahtani M, et al. c-MET immunostaining in colorectal carcinoma is associated with local disease recurrence. BMC Cancer. 2015;15:676 pubmed publisher
    ..Further molecular in vitro and in vivo studies are required to pursue c-MET as potential molecular marker of metastases and test the possibility of its incorporation as a new targeted therapeutic target. ..
  4. Karim S, Al Maghrabi J, Farsi H, Al Sayyad A, Schulten H, Buhmeida A, et al. Cyclin D1 as a therapeutic target of renal cell carcinoma- a combined transcriptomics, tissue microarray and molecular docking study from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. BMC Cancer. 2016;16:741 pubmed
    ..Further in vivo and in vitro molecular studies are needed to investigate the therapeutic target potential of CCND1 for RCC treatment. ..
  5. Abu Elmagd M, Alghamdi M, Shamy M, Khoder M, Costa M, Assidi M, et al. Evaluation of the Effects of Airborne Particulate Matter on Bone Marrow-Mesenchymal Stem Cells (BM-MSCs): Cellular, Molecular and Systems Biological Approaches. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017;14: pubmed publisher
    ..We conclude that PM causes inflammation and cell death, and thereby predisposes to chronic debilitating diseases. ..
  6. Karim S, Jamal H, Rouzi A, Ardawi M, Schulten H, Mirza Z, et al. Genomic answers for recurrent spontaneous abortion in Saudi Arabia: An array comparative genomic hybridization approach. Reprod Biol. 2017;17:133-143 pubmed publisher
    ..2/CTDSPL, 6p21.32/HLA, 8p22/MSR1, and 14q32.33/AKT1) and pathways in patients affected with RSA. To improve diagnosis and treatment of RSA, a comprehensive procedure is needed for identification and validation of causative genes. ..
  7. Al Qahtani M, Baghlab I, Chaudhary A, Abuzenadah A, Bamanie A, Daghistani K, et al. Spectrum of GJB2 mutations in a cohort of nonsyndromic hearing loss cases from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Genet Test Mol Biomarkers. 2010;14:79-83 pubmed publisher
    ..Therefore, ethnically targeted genetic screening for GJB2 mutations could be a useful tool toward the management of NSHL in this area. ..
  8. Khan F, Khan T, Kalamegam G, Pushparaj P, Chaudhary A, Abuzenadah A, et al. Anti-cancer effects of Ajwa dates (Phoenix dactylifera L.) in diethylnitrosamine induced hepatocellular carcinoma in Wistar rats. BMC Complement Altern Med. 2017;17:418 pubmed publisher
    ..ADE can, therefore, be used together with conventional therapeutics for HCC. ..