Pierre Saintigny



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    ..0153). In conclusion, AGTR1, FOXI2, and PENK promoter methylation and LINE1 hypomethylation may be associated with an increased risk of OSCC development in patients with OPLs. ..
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    ..This review outlines the broad strategic directions and key advances of OncoAge and summarizes some of the issues faced by this consortium, as well as the short- and long-term perspectives. ..
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    ..In this review, we discuss how these mutant genes could affect mTOR signalling and highlight their impact on metabolic processes, as well as suggest potential targets for therapeutic intervention, primarily in head and neck cancer. ..
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    ..More work is ongoing within the context of our IHNPACT umbrella protocol to identify hurdles associated with successful ASC. ..
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    ..Here, we describe the contribution and challenges of Big Data in oncology. ..
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    ..Our study highlights the clinical relevance of the molecular classification of HNSCC and the RadR score to refine radiation strategies in HPV-negative disease. ..