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Majid Safa



  1. Athari Nik Azm S, Djazayeri A, Safa M, Azami K, Ahmadvand B, Sabbaghziarani F, et al. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium Ameliorate Memory and Learning Deficits and oxidative stress in Aβ (1-42) Injected Rats. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 2018;: pubmed publisher
    ..Overall, it seems that probiotics play an effective role in improving memory deficit and the pathological mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease by modifying microbiota. ..
  2. Safa M, Kazemi A, Zaker F, Razmkhah F. Cyclic AMP-induced p53 destabilization is independent of EPAC in pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells in vitro. J Recept Signal Transduct Res. 2011;31:256-63 pubmed publisher
    ..Our studies demonstrate that cAMP-PKA pathway regulates the sensitivity toward DNA-damaging agents via inhibition of a p53-dependent pathway in B-cell precursor ALL (BCP-ALL) cells. ..