A N Alekseev


Affiliation: St. Petersburg
Country: Russia


  1. Alekseev A, Semenov A, Dubinina H. Evidence of Babesia microti infection in multi-infected Ixodes persulcatus ticks in Russia. Exp Appl Acarol. 2003;29:345-53 pubmed
    ..Our observations show that the well known St. Petersburg focus of tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease is also a focus of ehrlichiosis and babesiosis. ..
  2. Alekseev A, Dubinina H, Jushkova O. First report on the coexistence and compatibility of seven tick-borne pathogens in unfed adult Ixodes persulcatus Schulze (Acarina: Ixodidae). Int J Med Microbiol. 2004;293 Suppl 37:104-8 pubmed