L V Olenina


Country: Russia


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    Olenina L, Kuzmina T, Sobolev B, Kuraeva T, Kolesanova E, Archakov A. Identification of glycosaminoglycan-binding sites within hepatitis C virus envelope glycoprotein E2*. J Viral Hepat. 2005;12:584-93 pubmed
    ..Our data supported the specific association between HCV envelope protein E2 and cell surface glycosaminoglycans. We hypothesize that identified regions from E2 can contribute to HCV binding to cell surface glycosaminoglycans. ..
  2. Ryazansky S, Kotov A, Kibanov M, Akulenko N, Korbut A, Lavrov S, et al. RNA helicase Spn-E is required to maintain Aub and AGO3 protein levels for piRNA silencing in the germline of Drosophila. Eur J Cell Biol. 2016;95:311-22 pubmed publisher
    ..We found that observed decline of the protein expression was not caused by suppression of aub and ago3 transcription as well as total transcription, indicating possible contribution of Spn-E to post-transcriptional regulation. ..
  3. Kotov A, Olenkina O, Kibanov M, Olenina L. RNA helicase Belle (DDX3) is essential for male germline stem cell maintenance and division in Drosophila. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2016;1863:1093-105 pubmed publisher
    ..Taken together, these results suggest that a role of Belle in GSC maintenance and regulation of early germ cell divisions is associated with the expression control of mitotic cyclins. ..