Sergey Kashanskiy


Affiliation: Yekaterinburg Medical Research Center for Prophylaxis and Health Protection in Industrial Workers
Location: Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation


  1. Kovalevskiy E, Schonfeld S, Feletto E, Moissonnier M, Kashanskiy S, Bukhtiyarov I, et al. Comparison of mortality in Asbest city and the Sverdlovsk region in the Russian Federation: 1997-2010. Environ Health. 2016;15:42 pubmed publisher
    ..This large population-based analysis indicates interesting differences but studies with individual exposure information are needed to understand the underlying factors. ..
  2. Feletto E, Schonfeld S, Kovalevskiy E, Bukhtiyarov I, Kashanskiy S, Moissonnier M, et al. A comparison of parallel dust and fibre measurements of airborne chrysotile asbestos in a large mine and processing factories in the Russian Federation. Int J Hyg Environ Health. 2017;220:857-868 pubmed publisher
    ..The patterns for exposure by dust and fibre will be similar but estimated fibre levels will show less contrast due to the conversion factor being smaller at higher dust concentrations. ..

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