Research Topics

Arcady Putilov


Affiliation: The Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics
Location: Novosibirsk, Russia
Inter-individual differences, chronobiology (mostly circadian and sleep physiology), biological and psychological processes modeling, psychology (mostly personality trait structuring, evolutionary psychology, comparative psychology), human and animal ethology, ecology, psychopathology (mostly depressive disorders), biological psychiatry, occupational and environmental medicine (mostly the issues of life in the 24-hr society and jet lag), psychophysiology, biofeedback, and history, methodology and sociology of science
06-06-00375a, 2006-2008, Russian Foundation for Humanities,
Putilov AA. Prospects of using electroencephalographic signatures of the chronoregulatory processes for meaningful, parsimonious and quantitative description of the sleep-wake sub-states. Biol Rhythm Res 2011, 42 (3) 181-207.
Putilov AA. Principal components of electroencephalographic spectrum as markers of opponent processes underlying ultradian sleep cycles. Chronobiol. Int. 2011, 28(4): 287-299.
Putilov AA, Donskaya OG, Verevkin EG Principal component structuring of inter-individual variation in waking EEG spectra provides a possibility to quantify sleep debt and sleep pressure Shiftwork Int Newsl 2011;25(3):112.
Putilov AA. The universal principal component structure underlies all distinct electroencephalographic spectra of wake and sleep states and sub-states. In: Schumann A., Seet S., Jewgenow K., Hofer H. (Eds). Contributions to the 8th International Conference on Behaviour, Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife, 14th


  1. Putilov A. Principal components of electroencephalographic spectrum as markers of opponent processes underlying ultradian sleep cycles. Chronobiol Int. 2011;28:287-99 pubmed publisher
  2. Putilov A. Age-associated Advance of Sleep Times Relative to the Circadian Phase of Alertness-Sleepiness Rhythm: Can it be Explained by Changes in Ratios Between Strengths of the Underlying Oscillatory Processes?. Curr Aging Sci. 2016;9:44-56 pubmed
  3. Putilov A, Donskaya O. Association of an individual's ability to overcome desire to fall asleep with a higher anterior-posterior gradient in electroencephalographic indexes of sleep pressure. Int J Psychophysiol. 2017;113:23-28 pubmed publisher
    ..It seems that the anterior-posterior gradients in the EEG indexes of sleep pressure are the objective correlates of individual's ability to overcome desire to fall asleep. ..
  4. Putilov A. Associations of depression and seasonality with morning-evening preference: Comparison of contributions of its morning and evening components. Psychiatry Res. 2018;262:609-617 pubmed publisher
    ..These results have practical relevance for understanding of the roles playing by morning earliness and insensitivity to seasonal changes in the environment to protection against different mood disorders. ..

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