Marta G Silva


Affiliation: Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Country: Portugal


  1. Silva M, Ueti M, Norimine J, Florin Christensen M, Bastos R, Goff W, et al. Babesia bovis expresses Bbo-6cys-E, a member of a novel gene family that is homologous to the 6-cys family of Plasmodium. Parasitol Int. 2011;60:13-8 pubmed publisher
    ..bovis and further investigation on its biological significance may aid our understanding of the bovine, tick and parasite relationships and the development of improved control methods against B. bovis infection in cattle. ..
  2. Silva M, Henriques G, Sánchez C, Marques P, Suarez C, Oliva A. First survey for Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina infection in cattle from Central and Southern regions of Portugal using serological and DNA detection methods. Vet Parasitol. 2009;166:66-72 pubmed publisher
    ..These data suggests high incidence of Babesia sp. infection in Portugal and can be used for designing adequate control programs...
  3. Silva M, Marques P, Oliva A. Detection of Babesia and Theileria species infection in cattle from Portugal using a reverse line blotting method. Vet Parasitol. 2010;174:199-205 pubmed publisher
    ..2%) and in cattle from Limousin breeds (81.7%). The results indicate widespread Babesia and Theileria infections in Portuguese bovines, suggesting the need for improved control of ticks and tick-borne diseases...