Pedro Nuno Rodrigues


Affiliation: Rua do Campo Alegre
Country: Portugal


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    Rodrigues P, Vázquez Dorado S, Neves J, Wilson J. Dual function of fish hepcidin: response to experimental iron overload and bacterial infection in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). Dev Comp Immunol. 2006;30:1156-67 pubmed
    ..These results point to the evolutionary conservation of hepcidin's dual functions. ..
  2. Cremonte F, Gilardoni C, Pina S, Rodrigues P, Ituarte C. Revision of the family Gymnophallidae Odhner, 1905 (Digenea) based on morphological and molecular data. Parasitol Int. 2015;64:202-10 pubmed publisher
    ..Additionally, some of these characters may vary with the age of worm. The morphological and molecular information obtained in this study provided strong support for recognizing seven valid genera in the family Gymnophallidae. ..
  3. Bagnato E, Gilardoni C, Pina S, Rodrigues P, Cremonte F. Redescription and life cycle of the monorchiid Postmonorcheides maclovini Szidat, 1950 (Digenea) from the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean: Morphological and molecular data. Parasitol Int. 2016;65:44-49 pubmed publisher
    ..maclovini, was found to be identical to the ITS1 sequences obtained both from sporocysts containing cercariae and encysted metacercariae found in L. adansoni. ..
  4. Marques F, Vale Costa S, Cruz T, Marques J, Silva T, Neves J, et al. Studies in the mouse model identify strain variability as a major determinant of disease outcome in Leishmania infantum infection. Parasit Vectors. 2015;8:644 pubmed publisher
    ..infantum visceral leishmaniasis, with relevant implications for studies on host-pathogen interaction and also for leishmanicidal drug development. ..
  5. Leite Castro J, Beviano V, Rodrigues P, Freitas R. HoxA Genes and the Fin-to-Limb Transition in Vertebrates. J Dev Biol. 2016;4: pubmed publisher
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    Rodrigues P, Pereira F. A model for acute iron overload in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.). Lab Anim. 2004;38:418-24 pubmed
    ..The present study characterizes several parameters involved in iron metabolism, and develops a fish model, of iron overload, which can be used in further studies of iron toxicity and iron-induced susceptibility to bacterial infections. ..
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    Rodrigues P, Pereira F. Effect of dietary iron overload on Photobacterium damselae ssp. piscicida pathogenicity in sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax (L.). J Fish Dis. 2004;27:673-6 pubmed
  8. Rodrigues P, Lopes C, Mascarenhas C, Arosio P, Porto G, de Sousa M. Comparative study between Hfe-/- and beta2m-/- mice: progression with age of iron status and liver pathology. Int J Exp Pathol. 2006;87:317-24 pubmed
  9. Rodrigues P, Gomes S, Neves J, Gomes Pereira S, Correia Neves M, Nunes Alves C, et al. Mycobacteria-induced anaemia revisited: a molecular approach reveals the involvement of NRAMP1 and lipocalin-2, but not of hepcidin. Immunobiology. 2011;216:1127-34 pubmed publisher
    ..Data presented in this work suggest that anaemia due to a chronic mycobacterial infection may develop in the absence of elevated hepcidin expression, is influenced by Nramp1 and may involve lipocalin-2. ..