Anna Masek


Affiliation: Technical University of Lodz
Location: Lodz, Poland
Anna Masek, female, technology of chemistry, graduated from the chemistry department, Technical University
of Lodz in 2007. She became a Doctor of chemistry in 2012. Now she works in the Institute of Polymer and
Dye Technology in Lodz. She has published more than 20 papers and completed 18 posters and oral
presentations on the international conferences. She realizes two scientific projects funded by the Ministry of
Science and Higher Education, which are concerned with application of natural antioxidants for natural
polymers. She works as part of Professor M. Zaborski research group in the field of the natural antioxidants and
biopolymers. Her work was involved in the testing of properties of natural antioxidants from polyphenol and
amino acid groups. Her investigated area was the application of natural antioxidatns for a stabilization of
biopolymers. Her field of research enclosed electrochemistral methods and another analytical methods such as
spectrofluorimetry, UV and NIR-IR spectrophotometry, chromatography, zeta potential, thermal analysis. She is
the guardion of a special laboratory in polymer ageing.


  1. Masek A, Chrzescijanska E, Latos M, Zaborski M. Influence of hydroxyl substitution on flavanone antioxidants properties. Food Chem. 2017;215:501-7 pubmed publisher

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