T Drewa


Affiliation: Medical University
Country: Poland


  1. Tyloch D, Tyloch J, Adamowicz J, Juszczak K, Ostrowski A, WarsiƄski P, et al. Elastography in prostate gland imaging and prostate cancer detection. Med Ultrason. 2018;20:515-523 pubmed publisher
    ..TRES provides additional information for the detection and biopsy guidance concerning prostate cancer, enabling a significant reduction in the number of biopsies. ..
  2. Drewa T, Wolski Z, Misterek B, Debski R, Styczynski J. The influence of alpha1-antagonist on the expression pattern of TNF receptor family in primary culture of prostate epithelial cells from BPH patients. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis. 2008;11:88-93 pubmed
    ..TNF receptor self-assembly process should be checked as a potential mechanism leading to apoptosis after doxazosin treatment. ..
  3. Drewa T. The artificial conduit for urinary diversion in rats: a preliminary study. Transplant Proc. 2007;39:1647-51 pubmed
    ..It seems that there is no need to split the ureteral-conduit junction. An SIS scaffold was used for tubular construction for urinary diversion in an animal model. ..
  4. Drewa T, Adamowicz J, Lysik J, Polaczek J, Pielichowski J. Chitosan scaffold enhances nerve regeneration within the in vitro reconstructed bladder wall: an animal study. Urol Int. 2008;81:330-4 pubmed publisher
    ..The control group was evaluated as (+). Chitosan improved PGA's abilities as a cell matrix and in guiding neurons into the graft. ..